Ayurveda- The science of Life

Ayurveda has its roots as being the medicine of India. It is the oldest medicine that is still being practiced throughout the world today. Used for 5,000 years by many thousands of doctors on millions of patients, it is a proven time tested system to prevent disease and heal from disease. Although being so ancient, this medicine is just as modern and relevant in our time today.

It is a very basic natural medicine that can cross over to any culture, time, or environment. It is an all inclusive medicine that treats the whole human: body, mind, emotions and reconnects us to our Spirit. Ayurveda helps people achieve full human potential and bring harmony into our lives, aiding us to be able to fulfill our life’s purpose with limited sufferings. It uses natural forces and tools, such as qualities in nature (heat-cold, dry-moist), colors, herbs, foods, minerals, aromas, exercise, Yoga, meditation, & breath.  Ayurveda is based in the knowing that our bodies have 5 senses of perception, our Eyes- sight, Ears- hearing, Nose- smell, Mouth- taste, Skin- touch/feeling. It is through these 5 senses that we become diseased or are healing. Every day we are ‘digesting’ our life through these 5 senses, and it is in this way that we create health or disease.

Each person has an individual nature about them made up of different qualities and elements. Ayurveda states there are 5 elements of nature,  namely: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether.  Contained in these 5 elements are 10 qualities of opposites, namely: hot-cold, dry-moist, heavy-light, dense-flowing, cloudy-clear, soft-hard, dull-sharp, static-mobile, gross-subtle, smooth-rough. Understanding what we are made up of we can then understand what will bring us health, harmony and wellbeing. Ayurveda gives us clear and concise ways to discover our true nature. Once determined what that individual nature is we can then set forth developing the best routine, rhythm and lifestyle to bring about the best in ourselves and our health.


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