What is Abhyanga massage?

Abhyanga massage (also known as Ayurvedic massage ) is a ancient technique of massage that promotes well being and a healthy stable body and mind. It works on several layers to reduce stress, improve immune functioning, revitalize the body and mind, reopens blocked energy channels, and promotes lymphatic drainage. A practitioner uses specific oils, herbs, and aromatherapy according to ones unique constitution or imbalance. It tonifies and nourishes the body, mind and emotions.

The skin is said to be our second brain. It discriminates, thinks, knows, communicates, feels, senses, and transmutes love. A section of the skin the size of a quarter contains three million cells, a hundred plus sweat glands, and a yard of blood vessels. In total the skin contains 640,000 sensory receptors. The skin is in constant communication with the brain. It is the source of our experience of heat, cold, pressure, pain, tenderness and emotions. As the organ of touch, the skin is the point of contact and defense between us and the rest of humanity, as well as between us and our environment. Its nerves, blood vessels, and glands carry vital information and nutrients to every other organ and help to regulate critical bodily functions. We can survive without sight, sound, taste, or smell but we cannot last more than 5 hours once the skin fails. (excerpts from Absolute Beauty by Pratima Raichur)

Abhyanga massage uses the skin as a portal into the deeper tissues and energies of the body. The application of warm herbal oils and the various massage strokes provide nourishment and revitalization to the whole body. The oil soothes the nervous system and helps quiet the mind. In Ayurvedic medicine, oil is said to not only heal illness but also prevent future imbalances.  The benefits of abhyanga massage are abundant. Here are some of the benefits!

— Improves skin tone — Relaxes the whole body — Relieves tired, aching muscles — Loosens tight muscles — Increases flexibility and agility — Reduces chronic pain — Lowers blood pressure — Increases the flow of blood and lymph — Calms the nervous system — Speeds recovery from injuries and illness — Reduces tension headaches — Strengthens the immune system
— Improves concentration — Calms bad temper — Reduces mental stress — Promotes better sleep — Induces mental relaxation
— Reduces anxiety — Enhances self-image — Promotes greater creative expression — Provides a feeling of well-being

Abyyanga massage take about  1-1.5 hours.