Nasya is the cleansing and restoration of healthy mucous membranes in the nasal passageway and sinuses. The nose is the direct gateway to the brain. It brings Prana and aromas into the body to be assimilated by the brain. The Prana, or life force energy via oxygen, gets absorbed into our blood stream through our breath. The nose and sinuses protects our bodies from foreign materials as we breath in, it also drains toxins out of the body when there is an accumulation of bodily fluids, mucous etc.  Administration of herbally infused oil helps facilitate this cleansing process.When there is inflammation, allergies, excess mucous in the nostril or sinuses this can be very uncomfortable and also depletes us of our ability to properly absorb prana and to remove the toxins from the air we breath. Nasya has been used for millennial to help keep our breathing channels clear and healthy.

What to expect during a Nasya therapy :

Ayurvedic facial Massage with warm herbal oil, steaming of the face and sinus area with warm towel compresses, application of warm herbal oil into the nasal passageway and sinus cavity. Head and neck massage.

Benefits of Nasya therapy:

  • Opens and clears breathing channels
  • Great relief for allergies, hay fever, sinusitis, migraine headache, and frequent colds
  • Relieves the tension in your face with aromatic warm towel compresses
  • Encourages healthy lymphatic flow in the cervical lymphatic system
  • Soothes dry or inflamed nasal passages
  • Improves mental focus and brings clarity
  • Assists with addiction issues
  • Brings peace of mind and contentment