…Jessica has been an amazing help in getting my health aligned. I’ve been using her herbs for a few months, but recently did a Pancha Karma cleanse and it was magical. The cleanse is very involved, but I really felt it’s benefits as I purged toxins from my body and negativity from my life personally/emotionally (something I wasn’t expecting.) Now after the cleanse, I’m finding it much easier to maintain an Ayurveda way of eating and living. I also love it because I know how to balance my diet. For my birthday I indulged on a dinner out and pizookie, but didn’t have any worries of “falling off the wagon” because I knew a handful of easy recipes to make that will balance me out, and that I really find delicious! (Cookbooks and recipes suggested by Jessica.) For anyone interested in weight loss, it’s been a few days short of a month since I started the cleanse, but I’ve already lost 15lbs! My face is also clearing up of acne, I no longer get any break outs, and I see the scars fading away more and more each day. This is something I’ve always struggled with even after seeing estheticians for months. I’ve also had a massage with Jessica, which was very relaxing and I want to do again. To be honest, I want to try all her services, and intend on maintaining Ayurveda as a way of life here on out. She has been such a great guiding light, I’m so impressed by all her knowledge, and so grateful to her for this new way of living!   K.R.- San Diego

…I have lymphedema from radiation treatment in my left leg. She did a whole body lymphatic treatment and for the first time in years the left leg and ankle was down to the normal size. She is wonderful and really knows her stuff! I highly recommend her.  D.B. -San Diego

…Jessica Skandunas is a lovely, soothing, nurturing Ayurvedic massage therapist. She is very generous with her time and positive energy. After a session with Jessica, I feel relaxed, revived, and peaceful, thanks to her intuitive hands and gentle presence. Many thanks.   F.P- San Diego

…Can you believe that it has been almost 2 years since I started my Ayurvedic journey with you guiding me? I owe so much to you. Happy almost anniversary!  K.L – San Diego

…I just had a shirodhara treatment which was amazing. Calmed my body and so relaxing. I feel like a reset button was pushed. Everyone should experience this state of bliss. Thanks Jessica.   J.B – San Diego

…Thank you so much for the lovely treatments. Truly an amazing, relaxing, restoring experience.   A.- San Diego retreat

…You are great at what you do! Keep it up. Thank you for restoring my system, and making me feel like a million bucks!.   B. -San Diego retreat

…Thank you for sharing your passion, knowledge and beautiful energy with us!   M.- San Diego retreat

…I loved your massage! Days ago I had neck pain, but it cured myself! I drank the teas and I really feel like I have been refined! Thank you very much.   D- Spain